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Universal Instrument Panel - Color Display (UIP-CD)


This instrument cluster has up to eight gauges and 20 LED telltales. It features a large, easy-to-read full-color LCD display that provides real time data information via the J1939 CAN data bus: diagnostics, fault codes, user setup features, and maintenance alerts. One gauge is a bargraph with four progressive bars that can satisfy the requirements of a DEF gauge.

A flexible design makes it easy to customize the display, gauges, telltales and to suit your specific application.

The cluster is sealed to IP53 specifications for in-cab applications.

  • 4.3-inch WQVGA LCD color graphics display
  • Up to 7 stepper motor gauges
  • 20 telltales
  • DEF level LED bargraph
  • Sealed to IP53 for in-cab use
  • J1939 CAN data bus
  • Switched and analog inputs
  • Switched Outputs
  • Built-in diagnostics
  • Display fault codes from the vehicle data bus
  • Warning messages
  • Real time clock
  • Overview +

    AMETEK VIS’ UIP-CD is part of the Universal Instrument Panel family of clusters that can satisfy the instrumentation requirements for in-cab vehicle platforms. Easily customize the gauges, telltales and display to fit your application with minimal cost and time. 

    The large, easy-to-read color graphics display provides real time data information, diagnostics, fault codes, user set up features, and maintenance requirements. There are up to eight gauges, twenty LED telltales, with four of the LED telltales dimmable for night time driving. 

    One of the eight gauges is a bargraph gauge with four progressive bars that can satisfy the requirements of a DEF gauge. The lowest bar can be changed from green to amber to red at customer specified values to alert the operator of critically low conditions. 

    The speedometer gauge will automatically backlight either the major scale or minor scale depending on whether English or Metric is selected in the menu. 

    UIP-CD features an internal alarm with multiple sounds that can be configured for various alarm conditions. Five of the gauges also have warning LEDs to alert the operator of existing conditions. 

    UIP-CD is sealed to IP53 specifications for in-cab applications. The cluster features an anti-fog coating to meet J1810 fogging requirements. The display meets all SAE J1113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation.
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