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CAN Control Modules

These control modules allow vehicle manufacturers to make the most of a mechanical platform or extend the life of a system. Rugged CAN Control Modules make it easy to convert analog machine data into digital data and to broadcast that data on the J1939 CAN data bus for availability by any system.

  • SDPT-250-pixels
    Smart Dual Pressure Transducer (SDPT)

    Smart Dual Pressure Transducer eliminates the need to run pressure lines to the vehicle cab. It accepts analog pressure or vacuum input, converts it into a digital signal, and sends it to the J1939 CAN data bus.

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  • CAN-IO-expander-module
    CAN I/O Expander Module (CAN I/O X)

    CAN I/O Expander enables you to send data from mechanical engines and auxiliary equipment and integrate them into the J1939 CAN data bus, or expand the I/O on your current system.

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  • Compass-250-pixels
    Compass Module

    Compass Module delivers reliable vehicle orientation and makes it available to the J1939 CAN data bus.

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  • CAN-keypads-8-button
    CAN Keypads

    The CAN Keypad sends operator input into the J1939 CAN data bus, providing fingertip control and allowing data bus-connected displays to indicate control status.

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