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Smart Dual Pressure Transducer (SDPT)


The pressure transducer communicates valuable information about brake lines, engine performance and tire pressure, without the need to bring pressure lines to the vehicle cab for indication.

The SDPT converts air pressure and/or vacuum inputs from two separate sources into data signals and broadcasts those signals over the J1939 CAN or J1587 vehicle data bus. 


  • J1939 CAN or J1587 data bus communication
  • 12 or 24 volt operation
  • Environmentally sealed against dust and moisture penetration
  • Can be mounted on chassis
  • Accepts pressure/vacuum inputs from -14.5 to +150 psi
  • Warning activation over J1587 vehicle data bus
  • Brake line pressure
  • Pedal application pressure
  • Auxiliary air pressure
  • Turbo boost pressure
  • Suspension pressure
  • Engine manifold vacuum
  • Air or fuel filter restriction vacuum
  • Central tire inflation
  • Overview +

    Designed to withstand the harsh conditions encountered in the heavy vehicle and construction industries, the SDPT incorporates the same, fieldproven, pressure-sensing technology found in AMETEK’s family of Interface Modules. The SDPT combines two independent pressure sensors, signal conditioning electronics, data bus interface electronics, and a six-pin, self-locking, sealed Packard MetriPack® connector in a compact, environmentally sealed, polymer package.

    Powered by the vehicle’s ignition power, the SDPT eliminates the need for pressurized airlines and hoses behind the dash for instrumentation purposes. The SDPT uses the vehicle data bus to provide both pressure information and a low-high pressure indication that is suitable for driving a warning light.

    Designed for vehicular braking applications in which reliability and durability are of prime importance, it can be incorporated into a variety of pressure and/or vacuum monitoring systems, making it the ideal solution for your pressure monitoring applications.
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