VIS specializes in rugged vehicle instrumentation, controllers, and display systems. Our primary products include message centers, graphics displays, modular instrumentation, control modules, light bars and keypads. These engineered devices can be used in construction and agricultural vehicles, off-highway vehicles and military applications. Additional products include instrumentation, gauges and driver information panels for over-the-road vehicles, RVs and specialty vehicles.

  • 7G-new

    Our touchscreen displays easily bring vehicle data from the CAN J1939 data bus to the operator. VIS offers the displays with a full range of features and sizes to fit any vehicle application.

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  • C-COM-3AD

    These simple, rugged direct-read CAN J1939 gauges and an in-cab gauge systems offer cost and design flexibility. Keep important vehicle information easily readable.

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  • Universal-Instrument-Panel-color-display
    Instrument Clusters

    VIS offers a portfolio of clusters in various sizes are fully configurable to specific applications for both in-cab and rugged use. They are a great all-in-one solutions for vehicle instrumentation.

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  • CAN-keypads-8-button
    CAN Control Modules

    These modules easily convert analog machine data into digital data and broadcast it on the J1939 CAN data bus. Now you can make the most of your mechanical platform with this variety of modules, and have additional I/O for any system.

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  • BB202P-dual

    These commercial or nuclear-rated bargraphs are fully NUPIC certified and field proven for over 30 years. Our bargraphs are designed to easily provide critical information in an easy to read format.

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