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CAN Keypads


When design flexibility and system control are need, VIS offers the CAN Keypad, which allows operator control wherever it’s required. Multiple keypads can be used in an application.

The CAN Keypad has eight customizable button and LED status indicators. It enables input to and communication with the J1939 CAN data bus. It is sealed to IP67 for durability and rated for 1 million activation life cycle.    VIS offers both silicone and decal versions.

  • Silicone Membrane
  • Decal Version
  • Customizable laser etched icons
  • Customizable decal
  • Top panel surface mounting
  • Overview +

    AMETEK VIS’ CAN Keypad can satisfy the J1939 CAN multiplexed switching requirements for all vehicle platforms. The keypads can be easily customized with minimal cost and time. 

    The keypads are customized to customer specifications with laser etched buttons or a custom decal, along with multiple LED status indicators to show button status. Communication through J1939 CAN data bus allows the receipt of information to and from the vehicle. The LED status indicators are controlled by command messages through J1939 CAN data bus, as well as the LED brightness. 

    The 8-button keypad can be orientated either vertical or horizontal, top panel mounted with clips, allowing for flexibility in vehicle mounting. The keypad buttons provide tactile feedback and are laser etched for increased wear life and durability. The decal version has domed buttons for increased tactile feedback and the custom icons are printed on the second layer for increased wear life and durability. 

    CAN Keypads are sealed to IP67 specifications both front and rear. Designed to withstand harsh conditions typical of off-road environments, the CAN Keypads meet all SAE J1455 and J1113 requirements for vehicular instrumentation.
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