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Class 1 (1E) and Class II (seismic only) nuclear-rated bargraphs are functionally identical to their commercially-rated counterparts but they include the following:

  • Software for the Class I bargraphs has been verified and validated (V&V) to IEEE-, 1993 standards.
  • EMI/RFI testing has been performed to current Nuclear Utility requirements.
  • Mild-environment qualification to IEEE-323-1983 and IEEE-344-1987

AMETEK's VIS Quality programs include 10CFR50. Appendix B, audited by a member of NUPIC.

Use the following table to associate commercial bargraphs with their Class I and Class II counterparts.

 Commercial  Class 1   Class II 
 BB101/202P  SA101/202P  BA101/202P
 BG101/202P  SH101/202P  BH101/202P
 BJ101/202P   SN101/202P  BN101/202P
 BL101/202P  SL101/202P  AL101/202P
 BS101/202P  SS101/202P  AS101/202P
 BT033P  ST033P  AT033P

You can download the form using the link below. If you need help completing the form, please Contact us using the link to the right, call 970-242-8863, or email:

  • (Note: Not all features are available in all combinations or models. Please download our Bargraph Feature Matrix for exact configuration availability)
  • Tri-color LED bar display
  • Brilliant red LED digital and bar displays for excellent visibility
  • Custom scaleplates - you specify, we make
  • Minimum 88,000-hour MTBF
  • On/Off control using set point relays
  • Standard and DIN sizes
  • Green and amber bar LEDs available
  • Front panel mounting on most models
  • Underrange/overrange indication
  • True minum-sign indication
  • Programmable configuration using front panel switches or PC serial link
  • Input ranges switch-selectable
  • Auto-calibration algorithm
  • Input signal linearization
  • Min/Max signal memory (peak/valley hold)
  • All models available with or without front programming
  • Downloads +