Bargraph Feature Matrix

The Bargraph Feature Matrix lists which features are available on which bargraphs. Available in PDF format, you can download the document by clicking on the link.


  • (Note: Not all features are available in all combinations or models. Please download our Bargraph Feature Matrix for exact configuration availability)
  • Tri-color LED bar display
  • Brilliant red LED digital and bar displays for excellent visibility
  • Custom scaleplates - you specify, we make
  • Minimum 88,000-hour MTBF
  • On/Off control using set point relays
  • Standard and DIN sizes
  • Green and amber bar LEDs available
  • Front panel mounting on most models
  • Underrange/overrange indication
  • True minum-sign indication
  • Programmable configuration using front panel switches or PC serial link
  • Input ranges switch-selectable
  • Auto-calibration algorithm
  • Input signal linearization
  • Min/Max signal memory (peak/valley hold)
  • All models available with or without front programming
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